Growth Management Consulting

Better Data Leads to Better Decisions

Business Advisory Service

30 years of business experience & management brings a wealth of knowledge in providing & sourcing all aspects of business advice, including financial & operational issues, Business Development, Risk Management & Succession Planning.

Business Structure Reviews

The correct business structure is always vital for the successful operation & management of any business. It provides the framework to build a solid base & manage growth under a controlled environment. An initial review is always recommended to establish a game plan.

Strategic Planning

Define the situation & if there are genuine needs for change & if the changes will lead to long term betterment, then we can assist in the planning process.

Managerial Accounting

A regular & accurate management reporting structure is the only way of making informed management decisions that determine the success of the business.

KPI Development

How do you measure the success & effectiveness of your staff & business without benchmarking & KPI’s? Money in the bank does not necessarily mean profit. The relevant & proper KPI’s do not need to be a statistical nightmare!

Financial Reporting

Do you understand your Profit & Loss Statement or Balance Sheet? Unless accurate & timely financial reports are produced, you are unable to effectively measure & manage the successfulness of your business. Financial reports are the backbone of business management!

Software Setup & Implementation

In today’s world, computers are a necessity & ensuring you have the correct software is just a crucial as having the correct staff. Growth Management Consulting can assist in the review, assessment & recommendation of software as well as arranging installation & implementation.

Computer Upgrades & Installations

In the fast paced world of business, computer hardware is continually being upgraded with new & improved models. Growth Management Consulting can assist in the review, assessment & recommendation of hardware as well as arranging installation & implementation.